Sunday, 11 December 2011


A lot of good shit happened yesterday, someone I have never even met sent me a copy of Lowcard Magazine which is sick and I will have to repay the favour. If you dont know what Lowcard is you should..


Malmo in Sweden is probably the best place I have been too, I have been twice now to Vert Attack, you should check out the website for anything good happening out there.
The indoor skatepark there is also a school which must be rad! Not only this they also have outdoor bowls like this and a massive pool.

Last but not least a dude called Pontus Alv who lives in Malmo is going around building d.i.y parks and documenting them in films. Definitly help him out and buy yourself a copy here...
and if you can get hold of it anywhere get his first video Strongest of the Strange too.


 Been drawing a bit recently here is a photo I took of Carn Brea Obelisk in the distance and for some reason I think the Obelisk looks pretty cool so I decided to draw it

Here is a drawing of a gravestone with a quarterpipe at the back, its not finished yet, but I thought I might aswell upload it anyway. I want to screenprint this drawing onto a t-shirt with a skeleton doing a handplant on the quarterpipe, similar to an old Powell graphic


Gonna set up an old school shaped cruiser board. I made my friend Josh this stencil to spray on his griptape or wherever and in return he gave me one of his old Anti Hero Jeff Grosso decks which I have sanded down and gripped.
Got some sick old school santa cruz stickers last weekend and had to use the Rob Roskopp face graphic for this deck. When I have the money i'm gonna get some rails and some 80's santa cruz wheels for it.

Yesterday i spent ages doing the griptape with a load of different shit including the screaming hand graphic with a wave. If you like griptape jobs you should check out Zarosh's website he's sick


Forgot to post a picture of the pool aswell with stairs in the shallow, a deathbox and pool coping, its rad

Vans Concrete Carnival

Went to Concrete Carnival in Hemel Hempstead last weekend, and stayed till thursday because I booked the wrong dates in the travellodge. We got some footage of the comp but it was pretty shit so you should probably just watch this...
I'm sure you can find the rest of the videos if you want too